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Church quilt part 3


This is where I will be planning the overall design. Some people let the process lead them to a design, which I very much admire. I don’t seem to get very far when I use this approach.

I am using the archways tracing. I will photocopy it, then enlarge, reduce, or rotate the archways. Using A4 size paper makes the calculations for enlargement easier. The photocopier is my best friend in designing.

The final design (after a lot of mucking about). The plan is to have writing along the curves and different things in the windows.

I have my own checklist that I sometimes use and is useful to think about various options before beginning a project, have a clear plan to work towards (that can deviate along the way if required) and most important of all to remember my original intent.

The most important thing is to feel very excited about the project- art quilts take a lot of time, effort and money to make. If you are not excited in the beginning, you are not going to have the momentum to see the project to its fruition.

Next week I will be working on some colour plans.

Church Quilt- part 2


I have been collecting visual ideas. Doodling and thumbnail sketches are bringing ideas together. I have picked a few key words from my mind map which are: Messiah, choir/figures, luminosity, windows, archways, text.

A page from my fathers copy of Messiah. I could make this into a thermofax screen.
Doodles of possible shapes and patterns
Original Baroque instruments would be interesting
Thumbnail compositions
I like the layering of transparent colours in Hary’s work.
A tracing of a concert hall. I will reduce/enlarge and play with.
This was a rough I designed for a concert by the Nathalia choir (which I am conductor). I think this could be useful.
A play with possible colours.

I’m thinking that hue/saturation contrast will be more important than linear/textural elements. At the moment there are too many ideas and although the piece has to be interesting, I will need to give myself some sort of limitations.

Next week I will be trying to come up with a cohesive design.

Church Quilt part 1


I have a project has been languishing on my design wall for since the beginning of the year (2020).

I thought it could be a good way of moving forwards and being accountable through writing about it on this platform.

A bit of background

My husband and I have been part of a small country town church community for the last 30 years or so. In that time, the little church has grown and changed, with a lot of ups and downs and our children have grown and shifted away to Melbourne.

Nearly all this time we have been looking to build a church, a home of our own, rather than rent different premises.

Just last year we finally purchased a building and begin renovating. YAY! I was excited to make a beautiful large art quilt to hang in the chapel.

The Theme

I have always loved the verse form the book of Job:

 ‘I Know that my Redeemer lives and that he shall stand at the latter days upon the earth’ Job 19:25

It sends tingles up my spine when I hear those words sung in Handel’s ‘Messiah’  and being a musician, a music theme would be very apt.

A few parameters

The piece would be hanging in the large auditorium in an area approx., 230 x 180 cm, so very large.

It would need have a lot of visual interest as people would be looking at it, week in, week out (especially when the sermon goes for too long….).

Questions to ponder

Christian imagery is very symbolic and can sometimes seem ‘done to death’. How can I represent scripture in a fresh and original way?

Handel’s Messiah is one of the best known and frequently performed choral works in Western music. How can I do justice to this?

The following is the original mind map of ideas (which I have neatened up, to make it readable!)

Stayed tuned to part 2 next week!