Place of Reflection 2018
Kangaroo and Wattle 2018
‘Hindsight’ 2020 Vision 2020 exhibition

‘Run the Fire’ Linden Lancaster 2019


‘Calendar’ 2018


Contemporary Landscape 2 Gelatin printing 2018


Contemporary landscape 1 2018



‘Art lessons 1’ 2018


Bush-stone curlew Linden Lancaster, 2019


Kata Tjuta 2019


‘Fly’ 2019



‘Ebb and Flow’ 2018

Lancaster Border Town

‘Border town’ 2017


‘If these walls could speak’ Linden Lancaster 2016


Roses for Carolyn 2016



‘Lost Descendants’ 2015 Linden Lancaster



‘Under the Jacarandah’, Linden Lancaster. 2015 Viewers choice, AQIPP 2015


Magpie 1, Linden Lancaster 2015


Mallee 1, Linden Lancaster, 2015


Bath Time pix2100

Bath Time, SAQA entry, 2015


The Letter, by Linden Lancaster, 2015, 10″x 10″


Game on, Linden Lancaster, 2015



Risely Family Portrait, 2014 1m x1m, Linden Lancaster



Zulfiya and Hail, Linden Lancaster, 2014



‘Look to the Hills’ by Linden Lancaster, 2014, 15’x15′


'Billy Buttons 1' Linden Lancaster 2014

‘Billy Buttons 1’ Linden Lancaster 2014



'Michellia 2' Linden Lancaster 2014

‘Michellia 2’ Linden Lancaster 2014


'Head Space' Linden Lancaster 2014 15'x15'

‘Head Space’ Linden Lancaster 2014
15’x15′ Collection of Janice Stevens.


'Wild Thing' Linden Lancaster 2014 15'x15'

‘Wild Thing’ Linden Lancaster 2014 15’x15′


'Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover' 2014 Linden Lancaster

‘Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover’ Linden Lancaster 2014


'Blue sky, red dirt, yellow Billy buttons' 2014 Linden Lancaster

‘Blue sky, red dirt, yellow Billy buttons’ 2014
Linden Lancaster

Michellia 1a

Michellia 1a

Michellia 1b

Michellia 1b

Michellia 1c 2014

Michellia 1c 2014


‘Six Gouldian Finches’ Linden Lancaster 2014


Pinned to the Wall, Australia's ten most endangered

‘Pinned to the Wall- Australia’s top ten endangered species’ AQC Challenge Finalist 2014


‘Pinned to the Wall- Australia’s top ten endangered species’ AQC Challenge Finalist 2014

Pinned to the wall, Australia's ten most engangered detail

‘Pinned to the wall, Australia’s ten most engangered’ detail

Song of Solomon

‘SONG of SOLOMON’ Latitude Quilt #8 Love Feb 2014





‘Bird Brained Balance’ Latitude Quilt #7 Feb 2014



Dorothy's Quinces web

Dorothy’s Quinces, 2013 82×62


'Escape Plan' Linden Lancaster 2013

‘Escape Plan’ Linden Lancaster 2013



‘Rabbit Proof Fence?’ by Linden Lancaster 2013



‘All is Silent’ by Linden Lancaster 2013


Regeneration, Halls Gap, 2013 18 x 36

Regeneration, Halls Gap, 2013
18 x 36 inches
Awards: Victorian Quilters Showcase 2013: ‘Best use of Colour’, ‘Judges Choice’ and runner up ‘Pictorial Quilt’.
Collection of Phillipa Schapper

Two Little Chairs

Two Little Chairs, c2013 ’15×15


Con anima

‘Con Anima (with spirit)’ Linden Lancaster, 2013, 15’x15′


Mother and the clowns 15x15

‘Mother and the Clowns’ Linden Lancaster, 2012, 15’x15′


Nathalia, After the Rain

Nathalia, After the Rain. 2012
2.3 x .80 metres
Pieced, painted, collaged, machine thread-sketched and quilted.
Commission for St. Mary of the Angels Secondary College, Nathalia.

CAMERON’S DROUGHT 2008 77 x 64 cm Linden Lancaster

The Life Giver

‘The Lifegiver’ 2004 Linden Lancaster, collection of Ken Smith.



Who’s Next? 56x72cn 2009 Linden Lancaster


‘Morning Practise’ 2009 Linden Lancaster


‘I Dream in Colour’ 2010, 104 x 100 cms, Linden Lancaster


‘Blue Mood’ 75×58, Linden Lancaster


‘Come to the Fun side’, Linden Lancaster. Collection of Anne Ash


‘Locked Out’ Winner of 2011 Victorian Quilter’s Singer Challenge ‘Locks, Keys and Doors’ 50 x 74 cms


‘Omnia Vincit Amor’ (Love Conquers All)  Linden Lancaster 2011


‘Father and Son’ 2011 55 x 74 cms, Linden Lancaster


‘Childs Play’ 2012, Linden Lancaster, collection of Warren Heycox.


‘Barmah Forest 2’ 2012 Commissioned by Bill Kelly for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre, Austin Hospital, Melbourne.



‘Pomegranite’ 2012 54x 54 cms, Linden Lancaster


13 responses »

  1. Nel and Anne approve of the site but we’d like all the work placed in the gallery! Love the pomegranite!

  2. Mum and I feel so blessed to see your passion grow as you create your masterpieces. Your trees look like they could grow right out of the quilts.

  3. I had to study your art quilt ‘The Life Giver’ as part of a textiles assinment in school and as soon as i saw your quilt i thought of the outback australia and all of our awesome animals and plants that we take for granted.

  4. Attended your Serendipity class today at Yarroweyah and gain so much inspiration and new skills thank you
    Vikki LeQuesne

  5. Hi Linden thank you so much for your wonderful class at Cohuna, hopefully you can come back next year. My head is spinning with ideas.

  6. Hi Linden, I am an art teacher at Wantirna South Primary School and I am hoping to explore your work with you as our ‘mentor artist’ with my Prep – Year 2 for a remote learning lesson on the topic of ‘Fabric Landscapes’. I will distribute a PDF document to students with images of some of your works from this website (credited to you of course), and I will make a video in which I show and discuss your work. I was working at Whitehorse Artspace during AQIPP’s ‘Metamorphosis’ exhibition and remember your work vividly. I’ll add my details here – please let me know if you have any questions of concerns.

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