Bottle Washers 1

Bottle Washers 1 2022 Linden Lancaster

This quilt was exhibited last year as part of the ‘One Step Further’ exhibition (Victorian Quilters) at the Kyabram town hall gallery. I am fortunate to have these gorgeous grasses (Enneapogon nigricans) growing around my property. The background of this piece was predominantly made up of fabric that was geli printed. I also used thermofax screens to add pattern and detail, such as the seed heads that look like ‘shuttle cocks’ in the top right hand corner. The large bottle washers were appliqued with tiny confetti pieces of cotton fabric.

Detail of ‘Bottlewashers 1’ 2022 Linden Lancaster

Note: I will be having a solo exhibition at the Kyabram town hall gallery in October this year (2023).

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  1. These are again very beautiful quilts. We are both home at the moment and we wonder if we could catch up with Cameron and yourself some time? Blessings Wolfgang and Dianne


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