Church Quilt- part 2


I have been collecting visual ideas. Doodling and thumbnail sketches are bringing ideas together. I have picked a few key words from my mind map which are: Messiah, choir/figures, luminosity, windows, archways, text.

A page from my fathers copy of Messiah. I could make this into a thermofax screen.
Doodles of possible shapes and patterns
Original Baroque instruments would be interesting
Thumbnail compositions
I like the layering of transparent colours in Hary’s work.
A tracing of a concert hall. I will reduce/enlarge and play with.
This was a rough I designed for a concert by the Nathalia choir (which I am conductor). I think this could be useful.
A play with possible colours.

I’m thinking that hue/saturation contrast will be more important than linear/textural elements. At the moment there are too many ideas and although the piece has to be interesting, I will need to give myself some sort of limitations.

Next week I will be trying to come up with a cohesive design.

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