Risely Family Portrait


Risely Family Portrait 2014 1m x 1m

A recent commission for a lovely family from Picola. Oi is originally from Thailand and is the most wonderful cook ever; she can make a delicious meal out of thin air! Sean has helped us out with our poor neglected garden- he especially loves roses, hence the inclusion of Iceburg roses. Jai-dee is a clever little lass who attends Nathalia primary School where my husband works as a Chaplain.

Technique: Handpainted/silk screened wholecloth background. Fused fabric applique for figures and roses. Confetti technique for the tree leaves. I used Inktense pencils to shade the roses and the leaves were printed with compressed sponged, cut out and appliqued.


Oi detail 2004 Linden Lancaster


Sean, crop 2014 Linden Lancaster


Jai-dee, crop 2014, Linden Lancaster


I took photos of the roses, cropped them and played with them in Photoshop. I used them in sets of (window)  cards for Christmas presents.


Linden Lancaster 2014


Linden Lancaster 2014


Linden Lancaster 2014



Linden Lancaster 2014


Linden Lancaster 2014


Linden Lancaster 2014


Linden Lancaster 2014


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