QUILT NATIONAL 2023 ‘Wattle Time’


I have been blessed to have a piece chosen into Quilt National 2023. This is a prestigious and sought after exhibition, which many people enter year after year without any success. This year there were 674 entries from 20 countries. Many thanks to jurors Chiako Dosho, Dr, Carolyn L. Mazloomi, and Irene L. Roderick; and the Quilt National Director Keri Wolfe.

The Diary Barn Cultural Arts Centre has been hosting this exhibition since 1979. It is a refurbished 200 ft barn built in 1914 set in the rolling Appalachian foothills, Ohio.

This piece has come about through a lot of thinking and experimentation with abstract landscapes. I have been wanting to get more ‘loose’ in my work and embarked an online course with a wonderful UK abstract landscape painter/ceramist Lewis Noble. Lewis takes his inspiration directly from being in the landscape and reacting in that space, making painterly sketches and gestural marks. He then uses this material back in his studio to make more resolved works. He has a very informative YouTube channel if you would like to check it out.

Although my work is a lot more representative than of Lewis’s, I found the process really helped me to get the feeling of being out in the landscape.

Preliminary work

Inspirational source: Gold dust wattle in my driveway

From my sketchbook, acrylic paint sketches, collaged.

Wattle sketch 1, Linden Lancaster 2021

Wattle Time sketch 2, Linden Lancaster 2021

Designing the fabric.

I spent a couple of days splashing dyes in various thicknesses. I decided to use a blue for the sky that was leaning to the complimentary purple to offset all the yellow.

Fabric audition

A light fusible was ironed to the back of the fabrics and then roughly cut and pinned on the substrate. I decided the size would be about 48 x 32 inches (122 x 81 cm). The idea in my head was for a high horizon, wattles everywhere in the background and a large feature wattle on top. I put the darks toward the bottom. I added a bit of stripy commercial fabric for a bit of zhuzh.

Fabric placement for ‘Wattle Time’ Linden Lancaster 2022

This background was then quilted. The final part was to add the trunk and branches of the main tree and all the blossoms on top. I like to use paper cut-outs to audition the branches etc (it would have probably been better to use dark paper). Confetti collage was a good way to depict the energy and vibrancy of the wattle, with some black fine tulle to add more shadow. Lots more machine stitching was added. I just use a domestic machine.

Using paper cut out to audition placement of trunks and branches.

I am not able to show you the whole piece yet (sorry), but here are a few details.

Wattle Time detail, Linden Lancaster 2022
Wattle Time detail, Linden Lancaster 2022

Wattle Time detail, Linden Lancaster 2022

This is a small piece in a similar style that I produced at the same time for Australia Wide 8. This exhibition showcases fibre artists from Australia and new Zealand is travelling around for the next few years. To check out the details info@ozquiltnetwork.org.au

Gold Dust Wattle 40 x 40 cm Linden Lancaster 2021

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