Something Different- ‘Snails on the Table’


In the past few years I have been sorting and cleaning out my mother in law’s old farm house. She was a ‘saver’ and never threw anything out. She lived in this house for most of her life.

There was a lot of ephemera and old clothes. After studying the works of artists who work with preloved and ‘found’ fabric and papers, like Mandy Patullo, Mrs Bertimus, Ann Kelly and Cas Holmes, I have been making samples using Mum’s old stuff. In a previous blog ‘Vintage Concertina book’, you can see some of the fabrics I have collected.

Responding to the Australian Quilt Show’s prompt ‘Recycled and Restyled’, I have put together a quilt entirely from tables cloths and aprons.

This is a rather quirky design and a departure from my usual style. I adapted some childrens’ drawings I collected many years ago in my music teaching days (from a listening and responding exercise on ‘fast and slow’).

It was very enjoyable working with these soft and worn fabrics and combining them with a contemporary spin.

This piece is travelling around to the Craft and Quilt Fairs associated with Expertise Events.

‘Snails on the Table’ Linden Lancaster 2022
‘Snails on the Table’ detail Linden Lancaster 2022

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  1. Lovely idea Linden, quirky and fun , and also using pre-loved fabrics of loved family member. I saw this at Melbourne quilt show, it stood out !

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