New Class for 2018 ‘Gelatin printing on Fabric’



Gelatin-sample-9   Gelatin-sample-3   Gelatin-sample-5

*Awaken possibilities for your creative application in your own work

*Learn the process and technique

*Begin a resource file

Gelatin printing is type of mono printing that has been around for years. It is a wonderful way to add interesting layers to your fabric or paper. As an artist I find the type of marks that can be expressed with this process very exciting. I used gelatin printing for the background of my quilt ‘If these walls could speak’. I wanted the ‘wall paper’ to look old and grungy and this was the perfect technique.

Linden Lancaster. If-these-walls-could-speak-detail-2             if-these-walls-could-speak

Despite there being hundreds of demonstrations and samples on the internet, I found that many people have not tried this technique….or have brought a Gelli plate and have not got around to using it.

This one day class will give you a skill set for this process and give you lots and lots of ideas for future experiments and projects.

Look in ‘classes’ above for more information……

Gelatin Sample 4


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