ACQ winner: Kangaroo and Wattle!


I was thrilled and much encouraged to win the Australasian Quilting Convention’s challenge: ‘Australian made: Flora and Fauna’ for 2017. A good start to my full time textile art career. Thank you to the sponsors ‘Brother’, for their generous cash prize.

I enjoyed a dinner last night in Carlton with other SAQA members from all over Australia……very exciting.


The red kangaroo and golden wattle are famous as symbols that signify the uniqueness of Australia. They both appear on the coat of arms and are part of our shared cultural history. Aboriginal Australians have utilized them in many ways for thousands of years. Tourism Australia makes use of the kangaroo in its logo to “help ensure instant recognition for Australia around the world”. The Golden wattle is our national floral emblem that inspires our nations colours. It “has become our cherished symbol of celebration, of joy, of sadness and of remembrance and of home wherever we may be…”



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