Latitude Quilt No. 10: ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’


‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’ by Linden Lancaster 2014

Dear Book Lovers (and others),

Have you ever been sucked in by a book with a gorgeous cover, only to discover its substance was rather disappointing? Perhaps the blurb on the back sounded exciting? Were you swayed by the stickers that advertised ‘Good Read’, ‘Award Winning Author’ or ‘Top Ten’?

Conversely, have you ever discovered a wonderful story in a dull and understated cover? Perhaps it looked like any other book? Have you ever discovered a treasure in a second hand book shop that was a bit battered and worn?

As a school librarian I was amazed how many children overlooked terrific stories because the covers looked old fashioned, ordinary, or (God-forbid) a bit tatty.


People are like books. Some look flashy, capable or super intelligent. Others seem true until you scratch the surface. Others are, shall we say, a bit rough around the edges. Some of the best and most influential people in my life are the ones in plain wrappers.


In this piece I have depicted myself. I’m a little plump, and plain. I’m not young and shiny anymore. I could be any one’s mother, sister or wife. I look ordinary and you probably would not pick me up if I were a book!

But, if you look under the surface, I have much to tell. My life experiences, values, faith, creativeness, skill, my loves and losses. I am unique.

What is under your surface?



Raw-edged applique, black Inktense pencil, photo printed on printable fabric.


‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’ by Linden Lancaster Detail1


‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’ by Linden Lancaster 2014 Detail 2


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