‘Head-space’ 15′ x15′ by Linden Lancaster 2014


How do we react when we feel trapped in a negative situation? Our thoughts will determine how we respond. Perhaps we might:
Ignore it and put our head in the sand?
Curse and rant about it?
Worry and fret until we make our selves sick?
Become resigned to it?
Become a ‘Pollyanna’?
Analyse it?
Pray about it?
Become comatose?
Run around trying to fix things

Perhaps all of the above?

This piece was designed from a simple exercise of cutting a circle into 16 pieces and playing with the parts while keeping the integrity of the circle. The white is meant to represent the negative space in this instance. Windows were cut out of the black fabric and then fused over the white background. The figures were quilted with a free motion foot through the three layers with heavy black 40 black thread.


‘Head-space’ detail Linden Lancaster 2014


‘Head-space’ detail by Linden Lancaster 2014


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