Mother and the Clowns 15’x15′


Mother and the clowns 15x15

This quilt was made for a challege as part of an online quilt group called ‘Latitude Quilts’. The theme was’Carnival’. This quilt is based upon a photo I took at our local country town’s New Year’s Eve Carnival.
Nearly everyone has had an encounter with these laughing clowns. You might of found them cheerful, magical or downright creepy! I could not resist representing this lovely moment with mother and child. There was a lot of reflected light bouncing around and I loved the way the shiny fake clowns contrasted with the softness of the mother and child.
I used a collage process, first colouring the fabric with crayons and pencils and then fusing all the pieces into place. It was then finished off with thread sketching and quilting.

Mother and the Clowns detail 2

Mother and the Clowns detail 1

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