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What a day!


Thanks to all who came along to the exhibition opening yesterday. It was a very special day and one that will stay in my memory always….

Here are some pics:


Me and my family : Austin, Erin and Cameron


Susan Matthews (wonderful textile artist) opened the exhibition with Jo Toohey director of Regional arts Victoria in the background. We are laughing about not liking our photo taken.


Design wall with my friend Kay reading.


My beautiful sister in law, Lyndal with Easter quit and Bugs on boxes in the background.

My first solo exhibition is about to begin!


SUNDAY OCTOBER 8TH at 2 pm  The G.R.A.I.N store community art gallery, Blake St. Nathalia, Victoria, Australia.

A selection of over 40 works produced from 2007 until 2017


Design board display with inspiration and works in progress:



‘Fragments from the found’ small textile/mixed media pieces mounted on canvas $40 (or sign up for a class on Saturday October 14th and learn how to make them)


Post cards:

Two different sets: Michellia and Carolyn’s Roses- $10 for a pack of 6



I will be at the Gallery every Sat between 11 am and 2 pm until the exhibition closes on November 18. Come in and have a chat!





BUGS ON BOXES new class for 2018


This is a commissioned project for Quilters Companion’s ‘Great Australian Quilt Designers’ which is coming out this October 2017.

Showcasing three Australian creatures in aboriginal fabrics, this is a fun project that can be completed in a weekend. Display your triptych on art canvases or in the usual way.

Due to copyright, I am showing only details here. If you would like more information, follow my classes link.


Reed Warblers


This year I have joined the local Wildflower group in Nathalia. Once a month they go on a field trip in our local area to identify species. I find it truly inspirational and can’t believe how many interesting and beautiful places have been right under my nose all this time! In March we visited the Barmah Lakes and I became fascinated by the Reed Warblers (even though they would not sit still for a photo!).

The following piece of work is inspired by this activity. It consists of four vertical panels that can be viewed as a whole or in part. It started life as experiments in digital photos on fabric. I was challenging myself to make as many different pictures from the one photo as I could. When I pieced them all together it looked like a dogs breakfast! So I cut them up and pieced it with other fabrics in an improvisational way. This became the background for the birds and reeds.

These are only sneak peaks. You can see it in its entirety at my solo exhibition at The G.R.A.I.N store, Nathalia (Victoria, Australia) from October 5th until the 25th of November. 

A big thank you to another local artist and naturalist, Anne Timm, who travels with me and answers all my questions.

Original and digitally altered photo of reeds for background piece.


Miniature Landscapes workshop at Wangaratta.


A few weekends ago I had a wonderful time with the Centre Quilters Circle at Wangaratta. I stayed in a cottage nestled in an amazing garden belonging to the most creative and hospitable Sandra Makin. The ladies in my class designed their own landscapes after completing my pattern (you can see parts of the blue bell woods in some of the pictures) . We covered composition, colour, and fabrics that work well for landscapes. Thank you to all for an unforgettable weekend!

The following are ‘works in progress’.


Here are the artists.


Here are a couple of shots from Sandra’s garden….amazing! These are true colours, not photo-shopped!